Learn from India’s #1 Public Speaking Duo, Roshan Abbas & Siddharth Banerjee.

“The right word conveyed with the right feeling can propel us into action and effect change.”
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About the Book

Ever been at a loss for words on an important occasion? Do you struggle to translate your thoughts and ideas into words that effectively communicate your message? No matter what the situation – the tips and tricks in this book will help you become a master of communication and leave your audience speechless!

Learn the simple mantra of Logic + Magic to master the art of effective communication and public speaking with the help of this easily digestible book. Two of India’s most experienced communicators, Roshan Abbas and Siddharth Banerjee, have distilled five decades of their experience in communicating to a wide range of audience into an easy-to-apply process.

Stalwart public speakers, they firmly believe that with the right tools and deliberate practice, anyone can become master communicators. They’ve put together a few simple principles, along with some well-guarded trade secrets, lots of real-life stories, tips and tricks, in-depth expert interviews, and practice exercises in this handy little guide to your success.

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About The Authors

the author
Roshan Abbas

One of India’s finest orators and storytellers, Roshan Abbas is an actor; TV & radio host; producer; event manager; creative director; film & theatre director; lyricist; CEO; angel investor; serial entrepreneur, author; and public speaking coach. 

Roshan founded and led Encompass (now Geometry Encompass) as Managing Director to become India’s largest and most awarded experiential marketing agency. He was also an initial investor for The Glitch (now one of India’s top creative marketing agencies), where he continues his association as a mentor-partner. Both these ventures have been acquired by WPP, the world’s largest media group.

Over the years, Roshan has won seven national-level awards for various TV and radio shows, which has cemented his position as a master of effective communication. His love for storytelling culminated in his passion project, Kommune, which is a performing art collective for diverse storytellers through curated stories. It was under this banner that India’s first spoken-word festival, Spoken was conceptualized. 

Roshan continues to inspire by sharing his life lessons on communication and storytelling through workshops and seminars.

the author
Siddharth Banerjee
Widely considered as one of India’s finest business leaders, Siddharth Banerjee is an award-winning global marketer and a digital evangelist. He has two decades of experience in competitive industries, like FMCG and telecom – living and working across India, Singapore, Sri Lanka, and the UK.

Siddharth has previously worked at Vodafone India as Marketing Head and led Vodafone’s global accelerator unit (mWomen) across 12 markets in Asia & Africa. He has held positions at Hindustan Unilever that included global, regional, and CMO roles, with rich exposure across emerging global markets.

He is an alumnus of La Martiniere College, Lucknow and holds an MBA from the University of Delhi. He went on to complete his executive education from IIM-A and the Harvard Business School. Siddharth was also a Chevening Scholar at the University of Oxford. 

He is a published author, a regular on advertising and marketing jury panels, and one of the most sought-after industry speakers in the Asia-Pacific region.

Book Reviews

Each section, each page made me revisit the public speaking occasions I've been in and how I could have done some things better, while feeling happy for what I did right. Extremely insightful, witty, and easy to relate, this book is a MUST for seasoning and seasoned professionals, with or without stage fright, to make an IMPACT.

Saugata Bagchi

(Amazon Buyer)

Extremely relatable, filled with fun anecdotes and most importantly, brilliant insights on literally every page. I am a professional stand-up comedian. I do this for a living and yet I got so many learnings from this. Highly recommend this book to everyone.


(Amazon Buyer)

This book is a fantastic structured insight into the art of public speaking. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced speaker, this book has something for everyone. And who better to learn from, than two of India's finest communicators themselves. Must have a copy in your bag or bookshelf!

Anuj Gurwara

(Amazon Buyer)

Finally a book on public speaking and just presentation overall that cuts through unnecessary appendage and delivers straight to the gut.....leaving you 'speechless'! An easy to follow, must read for everyone who wants to leave an impression, make a point, and just connect with audiences....anywhere. The bonus being the Expert Speak section replete with anecdotes and tips to help you deliver an impact, guaranteed to leave people 'Speechless'. Highly recommended.


(Amazon Buyer)

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